Lanoflex™ R50 General Purpose Lanolin

Lanoflex™ R50 General Purpose Lanolin, 400g Aerosol
CT-R50 Lanoflex™ Lanolin Lubricant GP, 20LLanoflex™ R50 General Purpose Lanolin, 750ml Trigger Spray

Lanoflex™ R50 General Purpose Lanolin

Lanoflex™ R50 General Purpose Lanolin is a general duty formulation of refined mineral oil distillates, lanolin, and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors. It enhances protection from salt spray deposits in marine environments by leaving a thin film for long term corrosion protection and waterproofing.

R50 is a powerful rust and corrosion preventative which lubricates and cleans, providing excellent protective properties for ferrous metals. It is a multi-purpose biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-conductive product which is safe to use on rubber, paintwork, and most plastics.


Applications & Uses

  • Leather and vinyl restoration/preservation
  • Mechanical rust-proofing
  • Timber preservation
  • Lubrication and protection of antennas
  • Protection of battery terminals and wiring
  •  Cleaning and corrosion prevention of mining equipment and saddlery/harnesses


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