Tap-N-Cool Heavy Duty Straight Cutting Fluid

Straight Cutting Fluid, 300g
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CT-SCF Heavy Duty Straight Cutting Fluid

Chemtools Straight Cutting Fluid is a high performance, non-staining oil based solvent made from refined mineral oils. Chemtools Straight Cutting Fluid is formulated from solvent refined mineral oil and specialized, high performance extreme pressure (EP) additives. For overall performance Straight Cutting Fluid contains corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressure lubricants. It can be used on a range of metal types inclusive of yellow metals. It also contains polymer chemistry to minimize misting.

Features & Benefits
-Excellent extreme pressure/anti-wear properties and surface finish
-Excellent corrosion inhibitor
-Free flowing for rapid dissipation of heat from the removal/forming operation
-Maximises tool life
-High performance


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  • CT-SCF-500500ml Plastic Squirt Bottle6
  • CT-SCF-1L1L Steel Flask6
  • CT-SCF-5L5L Plastic Bottle2
  • CT-SCF-20L20L Plastic Drum1