Zero Spat™ BLU-Coat Anti-Spatter

BLU Coat Anti-Spatter, 20L
BLU Coat Anti-Spatter, 750mlBLU Coat Anti-Spatter, 20L

CT-ASBLU – BLU-Coat Anti-Spatter

Chemtools BLU-Coat is a water based weld anti-spatter liquid which prevents spatter build up on the work surface. This is a unique water based formula that prevents weld spatter from sticking to metal, eliminating the need for grinding or brushing after welding. BLU-Coat Anti-Spatter contains a corrosion inhibitor which will potentially eliminate any rust build up on the work surface. BLU-Coat will not harm machinery, cleans up easily with no residue, is safe to use and is safe for the environment.

Welding Application
Suitable for medium to large amounts of splatter or slag.

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