Rapidstick™ PITBULL 101 Fast Grab Hybrid Sealant

Rapidstick™ PITBULL 101 Fast Grab Hybrid Sealant, 300ml

Rapidstick™ PITBULL 101 Fast Grab Hybrid Sealant

Rapidstick™ PITBULL 101 Fast-Grab Hybrid Sealant is a one-part, solvent-free adhesive based on the latest polymer technology. It offers primeless adhesion to most substrates, and can be applied to both moist and dry surfaces.

PITBULL 101 bonds like an animal and fixes like a force of nature, performing in excess of 20 years when applied correctly. It has excellent UV resistance and cures to a tough, elastic adhesive/sealant with excellent abrasion, oil, and solvent resistance.

Ideal for a multitude of applications across all industries, PITBULL 101 is widely used in the automotive, roofing, and marine industries, and flagged as an essential fast-grab sealant due to its long-term life expectancy. It can be tooled within 10 minutes of application to achieve the required finish, and may be painted upon full cure.

Common applications include sealing and bonding flexible connection joints in ducting, ventilation, and air conditioning installations, and in construction, its uses include perimeter sealing of plastic, timber, and metal frames, along with the sealing of expansion and construction joints.

PITBULL 101 can be applied under most environmental conditions, offering almost no limitations with its suitability for multiple surfaces, including:
• All metals (incl. soft metals)
• All woods, including timber, MDF, chipboard, and cork
• Concrete, tiles, and bricks
• Natural stone, granite, and marble
• Mirrors and glass
• Polystyrene, Polyurethane, plaster, laminates, and most plastics



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