AutoChem™ Super Foam Truck Wash

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AutoChem™ Super Foam Truck Wash

Deluxe Performance & Impressive Shine | Dilutable up to 1:250

AutoChem™ Super Foam Truck Wash is a premium, high foaming, concentrated liquid soap suitable for use with automatic foaming and washing equipment, high pressure sprayers, or for manual application. TW19 rapidly dissolves and removes the toughest soils and road grime, working exceptionally well with air pressurised misting sprayers and automatic washing equipment using both hot and cold water. Its powerful, extreme performance formula contains corrosion inhibitors and provides residual protection to surfaces to further resist rust.

Super Foam Truck Wash leaves vehicles impressively shiny and streak-free, inside and out. It will not strip quality polishes, and is safe to use on all surfaces, including plastic, rubber, chrome, and aluminium, as well as concrete and asphalt floors and work benches. Built-up pollutants and abrasive grime particles are easily removed, making TW19 an efficient multi-use degreaser. Dilution of up to 1 part cleaner to 250 parts water may be performed for a concentration suited to the severity of cleaning required.

As an economical multi-purpose soap designed to replace a variety of other cleaning products, Super Foam Truck Wash is widely used in multiple industries, including marine, mining, and farming, and often for the manual washing of heavy machinery, parts, equipment, and tools. With its non-toxic and biodegradable formulation, TW19 is guaranteed to be safe and mild enough, once diluted, for hard-working hands and soiled materials such as greasy overalls, tarpaulins, and truck curtains.


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