AutoChem™ Battery Terminal Protector

AutoChem™ Battery Terminal Protector, 300g Aerosol

AutoChem™ Battery Terminal Protector

Waterproofs & Shields from Acids | Improves Electrical Conductivity

AutoChem™ Battery Terminal Protector provides a dry, non-tacky, non-chlorinated, and lead-free barrier to stop corrosion forming on battery terminals, cable connectors, and metal contacts. It dries to a flexible blue coating and forms an airtight durable seal for superior resistance to acids, moisture, salt spray,
and mechanical soils without sagging, running, peeling, or cracking under high temperatures or over time.

Battery Terminal Protector improves electrical conductivity, extending the life of all battery types used over land or sea, and is ideal for maintaining optimal battery condition during periods of long-term storage.


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