DEOX R88 Heavy Duty Rust Preventative

R88 DEOX Heavy Duty Rust Preventative, 300g

DEOX R88 Heavy Duty Rust Preventative

Chemtools® DEOX R88 Heavy Duty Rust Preventative is specially formulated to protect against the most severe and corrosive environmental conditions. It leaves a thin but tough silicone-free translucent film that can be easily removed with readily available degreasing solvents.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, R88 should be applied when maximum protection is needed against moisture intrusion. It contains excellent rust preventative properties, and is ideal for hand tools and machined parts, penetrating easily into hard to reach areas that are often prone to corrosion.

Applications and Uses:
• Protection from salt, high humidity, mining, chemical, and other corrosive environments.
• Moisture protection during long-term or off-season parts storage

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