DEOX R15 Chain & Cable Lubricant

R15 Chain and Cable Oil, 310g

DEOX R15 Chain & Cable Lubricant

DEOX R15 Chain & Cable Lubricant provides maximum lubrication and rust protection under all environmental and temperature conditions. Its non-foaming formula will not attract dust or dirt, ensuring complete penetration and resisting unwanted build-up.

R15 works extremely well at preventing wear due to friction and elevated temperatures. It is recommended for all types of heavy duty and industrial chain and conveyor applications.

Chain & Cable Lubricant can also be used to loosen rusted parts, as well as being a release agent on gaskets or seals. It is highly suited for all mechanical parts and equipment, and its regular use may increase the service life of chains and machinery, minimising down time and increasing productivity.

Use DEOX R15 for chains, wire cables and ropes, hoists, hinges, gears, conveyors, locks, and internal and external moving parts.

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