DEOX R16 Fish Oil with added Rust Inhibitor

DEOX R16 Fish Oil, 300g Aerosol

CT-R16 DEOX Fish Oil with added Rust Inhibitor

Chemtools DEOX R16 Fish Oil with added rust inhibitor is specially formulated with added rust inhibitor (VCI) for unsurpassed moisture removal, rust prevention and long term metal protection. R16 will actively penetrate rust and drive out moisture, the fish oil coating will offer year after year of protection from rust. It is ideal for use in hard to reach areas that are rust prone. Lengthens the life of tools, equipment and other machinery.

Features & Benefits:
-Protects against rust and corrosion
-Suitable for interior and exterior use
-Low odour
-Safe to use
-Ideal for hard to reach rust-prone areas

-Window and gate hinges
-Farm equipment
-Automotive bodies and equipment
-Marine equipment
-Nuts and bolts
-Wrought Iron

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