DEOX R999 High Grade Truck & Farm Grease

DEOX R999 High Grade Truck & Farm Grease, 450g

DEOX R999 High Grade Truck and Farm Grease

  • For heavy duty wear and friction reduction
  • Superior anti-wear performance
  • Long lasting
  • High dropping point
  • Better adhesion under extreme pressure and wet conditions

DEOX R999 High Grade Truck & Farm Grease is recommended for heavy duty fleet, agricultural, and automotive applications where a maximum performance grease is required. It provides superior performance and rust inhibition for metal and moving parts under a wide variety of uses, offering long-lasting protection under extreme temperature and pressure conditions, or in the presence of water.

High Grade Truck & Farm Grease is lithium complex thickened with a high dropping point. It contains a unique blend of anti-wear properties and functional polymers for better adhesion in wet environments, making it ideal for use on machinery and equipment suited to harsh outdoor projects and less desirable weather.

R999 is ideal for application on disc brakes, open gears, fifth wheels, wheel bearings, U-joints and ball joints, chains, wire ropes, cables, hitches, winches, and all farming, mining, railway, and marine equipment.

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