DEOX R001 Heatsink Compound

CT-R001 Heatsink Compound Product Range
CT-R001 Heatsink Compound, 10gCT-R001 Heatsink Compound, 150gCT-R001 Heatsink Compound, 25ml

DEOX R001 Silicone Heat Sink Compound

R001 heat sink compound is a white 'grease like' silicone compound material, which is specially formulated for use on applications where thermal transfer is required without electrical conductivity.

Features and Benefits
Low bleed and evaporation, easy to apply, good thermal performance, re-workable and easy to remove, non toxic.

Heat sinks, computers, laptops & notebooks, thermal interface, audio amplifier.


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  • CT-R001-SI-S10-PT10cc (20g) Syringe with Dispensing Tip12
  • CT-R001-SI-S30-PT30cc (50g) Syringe with Dispensing Tip12
  • CT-R001-SI-150150 grams12
  • CT-R001-SI-1KG1 Kilogram2
  • CT-R001-SI-4KG4 Kilograms1