Food Grade Machine Grease

R20FG - Food Grade Machinery Grease, 300g

CT-R20FG Food Grade Machine Grease

Chemtools R20FG Food Grade Machine Grease is a high performance food grade grease which contains special additives for superior load carrying, water resistance and anti-corrosion properties. R20FG offers very high resistance to removal by water spray in aggressive environments found in food manufacturing. R20FG will also protect equipment under high application loads by reducing seizure. Specially formulated for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Formulated with a complex calcium sulphonate thickener.

Features and Benefits:
-AQiS lubricant type A
-Meets nSFH1 standard
-High load resistance
-High drop point
-Superior performance

Plain and anti-friction bearings, general purpose grease for food and beverage plants, mildly acidic or very wet environment.


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  • CT-R20FG-300300g Aerosol12
  • CT-R20FG-S10-PT10cc (20g) Syringe with Dispensing Tip6
  • CT-R20FG-50G50g Tube6
  • CT-R20FG-450G450g Cartridge12
  • CT-R20FG-1KG1Kg Tub2
  • CT-R20FG-20KG20KG Drum1