DEOX R44 Food Grade Thick Film Lubricant

DEOX R44FG Food Grade Lubricant, 300g

CT-R44 DEOX Food Grade Thick Film Lubricant

DEOX R44 Food Grade Thick Film Lubricant cleans, protects, and lubricates all metal surfaces, providing superior corrosion protection for machinery, tools, and equipment used in or around beverage, food, or pharmaceutical preparation areas. It is guaranteed to cling to most surfaces in wet or dry conditions, sealing and protecting against moisture intrusion. Free of silicone, harsh solvents, and harmful substances, R44FG is a non-conductive multi-purpose formula which offers protection and security against friction and wear, stopping squeaks and extending the
service life of moving or mechanical parts.

DEOX R44 Food Grade can be used to rejuvinate stainless steel surfaces by removing grease, gunk, and mould with relative ease. It will not adversely affect paintwork and most plastics, and is ideal for use on refrigerator shelving, hanger chains, cold vault trays, and cool room tracks.


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