Leaded Solder Paste (Sn63/Pb37)

63CR218 – Syringe Leaded Solder Paste

63CR218 Leaded Solder Paste Syringe

Chemtools leaded solder paste syringes provides a quick and easy soldering solution for your surface mount rework. Supplied in a syringe for easy application, simply apply it to the soldering pads, put your components in place and heat it with your soldering iron or hot air rework tool.

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  • 63CR218S05-PT5cc (10g) Syringe with Dispensing Tip10
  • 63CR218S1010cc (20g) Pneumatic Syringe4
  • 63CR218J250250g Tub4
  • 63CR218J5500g Tub4
  • 63CR218C101kg Cartridge2