Screen Kleen M Stencil Cleaner

Screen-Kleen M Stencil Cleaner, 5L

Screen-Kleen M Stencil Cleaner

Screen Kleen M Stencil Cleaner is an effective and economical solvent blend, formulated to be completely compatible with all commonly used solder pastes. It offers a fast evaporation rate, and dries without leaving any residue.

Unlike other hand applied stencil cleaners, Screen Kleen M helps to reduce solder paste dry-out while enhancing its release from even the finest apertures. This extends the on-screen life of the solder paste, allowing for a greater number of prints between cleaning.

Screen Kleen M is chlorine-free and free of halogenated solvents. Its use will reduce the risk of print defects, such as smears and bridging, without interfering with the soldering process.

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