Liquid Chisel Formwork Release Agent

LC201 Liquid Chisel Concrete Formwork Release Agent, 20L
LC201 Liquid Chisel Concrete Formwork Release Agent, 5L

CT-LC201 – Liquid Chisel – Concrete Formwork Release Agent

Chemtools Liquid Chisel LC201 is a unique and powerful formwork release agent designed specifically for the concrete industry.  This non staining product is 100% biodegradable, we use only the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a superior product with exceptional release properties. Liquid Chisel LC201 can be used on Metal, Wood, Plastic, Fiberglass, rubber, and more.



–  Australian Made
–  Cost Effective
–  100% biodegradable
–  Non Staining
–  Environmentally Safe
–  Odourless – Water miscible
–  This product will not inhibit paint adhesion
–  It will protect against corrosion
–  It is economical and extremely versatile
–  It can be used on pretreated formwork and will extend the life of timber formwork.
–  It will protect the ends of timber formwork from swelling


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  • CT-LC201-5L5 Litres (Concentrate)2
  • CT-LC201-20L20 Litres (Concentrate)1
  • CT-LC201-200L200 Litres (Concentrate)1
  • CT-LC201D5050-5L5 Litres (50% Dilution)2
  • CT-LC201D5050-20L20 Litres (50% Dilution)1
  • CT-LC201D5050-200L200 Litres (50% Dilution)1