Tap-N-Cool Soluble Cutting Fluid EP

Soluble Cutting Fluid EP Product Range
Soluble Cutting Fluid EP, 1LSoluble Cutting Fluid EP, 5LSoluble Cutting Fluid EP, 20L

CT-SCFO Soluble Cutting Fluid EP

Chemtools Tap-N-Cool (EP) soluble cutting fluid is an efficient machining oil combined with the cooling ability of water all in one product. This heavy duty/extreme pressure metalworking coolant is formulated to offer outstanding performance in difficult machinery and grinding operations involving hard-to-work metals such as stainless steel, tool steels and high nickel alloys. This product contains emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.

Features & Benefits
Cutting Fluid is used to replace straight oils, excellent finish in machining and operations grinding operations, increases tool life.

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