AeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun Attachment

AeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun Attachment (Aerosol not included)AeroGun - How To DiagramAeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun AttachmentAeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun AttachmentAeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun Attachment

AeroGun Aerosol Spray Gun Attachment

AeroGun is a durable and heavy duty ergonomic trigger spray attachment for all standard aerosols. It is a vital dispensing accessory designed to reduce or eliminate injury incurred due to repetitive, continuous, or otherwise excessive use of aerosol spraying. Its full-grip handle turns regular aerosols into professional spray guns, allowing the user better manoeuverability while dispensing paints, lubricants, solvents, or other chemicals.

AeroGun offers the user an impressively comfortable, smooth, and effortless spray alternative, reducing fatigue and increasing flexibility and directional accuracy – all without the concern of slipping or dropping the can. The muscular pressure required to spray aerosols using the AeroGun is reduced by greater than half of that which is required to press a standard nozzle with a single finger – a significant reduction which pays itself off considerably through an increase in user productivity.

AeroGun is easy to attach and remove and can be used on any number of aerosols throughout the day. With no mechanical parts, it requires no downtime for maintenance or servicing, and a light clean before storing will arm the user with an indispensable tool for all industrial workshops, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, for Painters, Cleaners, and Tradies alike.

Recommended for arthritis sufferers to assist with relief from finger, hand, palm, wrist and forearm strain.


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