White Lithium Grease with PTFE

CT-R03 White Lithium Grease 350g

CT-R03 White Lithium Grease

Chemtools R03 white lithium grease with PTFE is an all-purpose grease which offers superior performance and protection for metal under heavy loads and high speeds. Excellent for all metal to metal lubrication and is the preferred lubricant for use in the industrial workshop, home, auto and marine industries. Will not migrate or wash away. Penetrates and forms a long lasting protective film. For easy disassembly of equipment and parts.

Features & Benefits:
-Low bleed and evaporation
-Will not harden or melt
-Water resistant
-Withstands heavy loads and high speeds

-Prevent closed switches from corrosion, improve connection between worn contacts, reduces arcing hot spots and pitting on switch contact surfaces


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