DEOX R888 Marine Grease

DEOX R888 Marine Grease, 450g

DEOX R888 Marine Grease

  • Premium heavy duty
  • For wear and friction reduction in wet environments
  • Calcium Sulfonate base
  • Extreme pressure protection
  • Disperses harmful deposits
  • Resistant to oxidation

DEOX R888 Marine Grease is specially formulated to offer superior lubrication and protection in wet, or moisture saturated environments. It is long-lasting and resistant to oxidation and high temperatures, and is recommended for use where exposure to harsh elements is a major consideration.

Marine Grease contains a calcium sulfonate base which offers excellent corrosion protection and extreme pressure properties. It is specially formulated to neutralise strong acids and disperse harmful deposits, bonding horizontally to metal surfaces to form a fish scale-like coating.

R888 is ideal for application on anchor winches, outboard assemblies, roller bearings, ball bearings, trailers, and much more.

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