CT-TCA – Thermally Conductive Adhesive

CT-TCA Thermally Conductive Adhesive

CT-TCA Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Chemtools Thermally Conductive Adhesive is a unique silicone based glue which has been formulated for use between high powered LCD's or CPU and Heat Sinks. 
This product is not meant to replace “Thermal Compound” applications.

Hybrids to Heat Sinks
Microprocessors to Heat Sinks
Ink Jet Printer Heads
IC's to Heat Sinks
High Power LED's to Heat Sinks
Gas Hot Water Heaters
Power Supplies
Printed Circuit Boards

Appearance:  White
Relative Consistency (g/m3, 25.C):  1.60
Leading Time of the Appearance Drying (min, 25.C):  =<30
Solidified Types:  one-part deketoximized
Totally Solidified types (d, 25.C):  5-7
Tensile Strength (MPa):   =>2.5
Elongation at Rupture (MPa): =>150
Rigidity (Shore A):  45
Shear the Intensity MPa:  =>2.0
The range of temperature (°C):  -60~300
Linear Shrinkage (%):  0.6
Volume Resistivity (O·cm):  2.0X1014
Dielectric Strength (kvt-mm):  20
Dielectric Constant (1.2MHz):  2.8
Dielectric Dissipation Factor (1.2MHz):  0.001
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)]:  1.0

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  • CT-TCA-100GThermally Conductive Adhesive 100g
  • CT-TCA-300gThermally Conductive Adhesive 300g