Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate

CT-ICL – Industrial Cleaner Degreaser
Industrial Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate, 5LIndustrial Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate, 20L

CT-ICLC Industrial Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate

Chemtools Concentrated Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser is a powerful and tough product that is formulated for extreme applications. This powerful cleaner degreaser is the product of choice when you need to quickly remove stubborn oil grease and other soils. This product can be diluted for less demanding applications.

Non-flammable, Biodegradable,Superior cleaning,Free from harmful and corrosive solvents.

Removal of oil & grease, Removal of tar, Removal of carbon,Removal of fish, vegetable oil and food products, Removal of engine oil, crude oil, diesel and petrol.

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