Kleanium™ Biodegradable Parts Wash


Kleanium™ Biodegradable Parts Wash

Chemtools Biodegradable Parts Washer is a powerful high temperature and high pressure formula, suitable for lifting, cleaning, and degreasing a variety of soils, oils, and greases. Specifically formulated for aggressive cleaning, the non-flammable biodegradable water-based formula is safe on plastic and most metals without containing dangerous additives or flammable solvents.

– 100% active concentrated parts washer designed specifically for high pressure and temperature spray washing of iron and steel
– Formulated with all the cleaning power of a solvent-based parts washer
– Safe and biodegradable cleaning solution for use in most parts washing machines
– Aggressively tackles the toughest soils, cleaning more effectively at higher temperatures
– Excellent degreaser
– Easily lifts and cleans a variety of soils, oils, and greases
– Non-flammable, and does not contain dangerous additives
– Safe on all metal and plastic surfaces
– Long solution life minimises parts cleaning detergent usage
– Built-in rust inhibitor
– Lower chemical deposit cost

Ideal for engines, automotive parts, and mechanical equipment


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