Lanoflex™ Lanolin Grease

CT-R555 Lanoflex Lanolin Grease
CT-R555 Lanoflex Lanolin Grease, 450g

CT-R555 Lanoflex™ Lanolin Grease

Chemtools R555 Lanoflex™ is an environmentally friendly, all purpose wool grease. This thick grease exhibits high load capabilities and will not wash out. Chemtools® R555 can also be used as a release agent, anti-corrosion protector, anti-corrosion protection and all purpose lubrication.

Features and Benefits
Natural product, Environmentally safe, does not wash off.

Farm, marine, general lubrication, anti seize.



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  • CT-R555-10PT10cc Syringe6
  • CT-R555-50G50g Tube6
  • CT-R555-450G450g Cartridge12
  • CT-R555-1KG1Kg Tub2
  • CT-R555-4KG4Kg Tub1