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CT-R29 Premium Copper Anti-Seize

Chemtools R29 Premium Copper Anti Seize has been specially formulated for industrial use. The advanced formula will protect metal parts against extreme temperature seizing and corrosion.
Chemtools R29 is recommended for use on all alloys, all plastic, steel, brass, copper and is perfect for use on equipment that requires frequent dismantling for maintenance.
Not recommended for use with stainless steel

Features and Benefits
Temperature range -155°c to 985°c
Prevents seizing and galling
Meets MiL-A-907e,


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  • CT-R29-35BT35g Brush Top25
  • CT-R29-75T75g Tube6
  • CT-R29-250BT250g Brush Top6
  • CT-R29-500BT500g Brush Top6
  • CT-R29-5KG5Kg Bucket1