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CT-R28 Premium Nickel Anti-Seize

Chemtools® R28 Premium Nickel Anti-Seize has been specially formulated for industrial use. The advanced formula will protect metal parts against extreme temperature seizing and corrosion. Chemtools® R28 is recommended for use with stainless steel, soft metals such as aluminum and where the presence of copper is restricted.

Features and Benefits
Copper free, temperature range -155°c to 1285°C, meets mil – 4-907e.


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  • CT-R28-35BT35g Brush Top25
  • CT-R28-75T75g Tube6
  • CT-R28-250BT250g Brush Top6
  • CT-R28-500BT500g Brush Top6
  • CT-R28-5KG5Kg Bucket1