Lanoflex™ R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin (Marine Grade)

R55 Lanoflex™ Lanolin-Based Corrosion Protection and Lubrication, 400g
R55 Lanoflex™ Heavy Duty Liquid Lanolin, 20LLanoflex™ R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin, 750ml Trigger Spray

Lanoflex™ R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin (Marine Grade)

Lanoflex™ R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin is a powerful formulation of refined mineral oil distillates, lanolin, and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors. It has a firm adhesive tendency to most metal surfaces and dries leaving a tenacious layer of grease which provides a natural barrier to moisture and water, offering excellent protection from salt spray deposits.

R55 is a non-toxic multi-purpose biodegradable marine grade rust preventative that lubricates, cleans, penetrates, and prevents corrosion. It has excellent protective properties for ferrous metals, and is safe to use on rubber, paintwork, and most plastics.


Suggested Applications & Uses

  • Lubrication and rust protection for chains, anchors, and shackles
  • Leather protection
  • Timber sealing and preservation
  • Rust and corrosion protection for outboard motors, battery terminals, and wiring
  • Waterproofing of long-term outdoor storage and equipment
  • Cleaning and corrosion prevention of mining equipment and saddlery/harnesses


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