DEOX R30 Non-Stick Dry Lubricant with PTFE

R30 Industrial Grade Non-Stick Dry Lubricant with PTFE, 300g

CT-R30 Non-Stick Dry Lubricant with PTFE

Chemtools DEOX R30 Non-Stick Dry PTFE lube is a Teflon® based spray that acts as a powerful dry lubricant. This product is fast drying, low odour, non-staining and non-oily. It also has excellent film forming properties and resists high & low temperatures making it useful for all weather applications. Bonds to metal, wood, rubber, plastic, glass and most other surfaces. Superb lubricant for low speeds and light loads.

Features & Benefits:
-Dry film lubricant
-Provides excellent anti seize properties
-High load carrying properties
-Convenient aerosol spray
-Silicone and chlorinated solvent free

Shafts, splines, slides, pins and brushes, gears.

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