DEOX R44 Thick Film Lubricant

DEOX R44 Thick Film Lubricant, 300g
DEOX R44 Thick Film Lubricant, 20L

DEOX R44 Thick Film Lubricant

Chemtools® DEOX R44 is a solvent-free thick film lubricant that provides long term protection and lubrication for all metal surfaces. It is free of any harmful substances, such as aliphatics, diesel, silicone, and kerosene.

DEOX R44 has highly effective corrosion protection properties, and is specially formulated to be used in most industrial, farming, marine, automotive, railway, aviation, mining, aerospace, and defence environments.

– Rust-proofing
– Sporting equipment
– Whitegoods
– Timber preservation
– Battery terminals and wiring
– Firearms
– Removes moisture from electrics
– Drilling and tapping fluid
– Boat trailers
– Mining equipment
– Cleaning and protection of garden tools

– Excellent lubrication properties
– Cleans and protects most metal surfaces
– Superior corrosion protection

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