Rapidstick™ 8262 Threadlocker (Heavy Duty, Red)

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Rapidstick™ 8262 Threadlocker

Rapidstick™ 8262 Threadlocker is a medium to high strength fast curing compound designed for heavy duty applications, such as bolts used in transmissions, construction equipment, or railroad assemblies. It is ideal for fasteners with diameters of up to 25mm (1″), and is highly resistant to heat, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons, and many chemicals. The thixotropic nature of 8262 reduces the migration of liquid after application to the substrate.

8262 performs best in thin bond gaps. It bonds, locks, and seals threaded joints, nuts, screws, and large studs up to M25, or larger, and is specifically formulated to give controlled friction and torque/tension ratio during assembly. It can also be used for the retaining of cylindrical parts.

8262 meets Military Specification MIL-S-46163A Type II, Grade O.


Specifications (refer to TDS for full details)

  • Colour: Red
  • Permanent: No
  • Viscosity: 2,400 cps
  • Handling Cure Time: 20 minutes
  • Strength: High
  • Temperature Range (°C): -55 to +150
  • Gap Filling: Up to 25mm (1”)


Chemtools® Rapidstick™ range of Threadlockers have been designed to offer controlled friction and torque/tension for sealing and locking varying sizes of studs, nuts, screws, bolts, joints, and fittings. Our Threadlockers provide the highest level of shock and vibration resistance – whether on moving components, or solid, heavy duty assemblies – and prevent loosening and the leakage of chemicals, water, gases, and oils.

From hairline cracks and porous surfaces, through to construction equipment and high temperature environments, Rapidstick™ Threadlockers, with slow or fast cure fixture times, low to high strengths, and permanent or removable formulas, are all guaranteed for bond stability and high performance – as well as peace-of-mind maintenance and repair.


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