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Chemtools Product Request Form

Welcome to the Chemtools Distributor's, Product Sample Request Form.

If you are a distributor of Chemtools products, we invite you to use our "Product Sampling Program" to introduce your customers who are currently using an equivalent competitors product or intend to use any of our products in their future process.

We encourage you to get your customers to try and compare Chemtools' product performance.

We have an extensive range of premium Industrial Adhesives, Cleaners, Lubricants, Corrosion & Metal Treatment and Bulk Chemicals. We are here to help you and if there is a product which does not appear in our catalogue or on our website – let us know – we may have it in the "pipeline" !

Chemtools ® products are currently available in Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan & Singapore and we also ship to New Zealand. We are continuing to seek new partners in other markets. If you are a potential overseas partner contact our director of sales for further information.


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