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Miscellaneous Industrial Range

Chemtools® Miscellaneous Industrial Products

2 in 1 Line & Survey Spot Marker

Chemtools “2 in 1” Line and Spot marker is both a hand held marking paint designed for inverted use.
2 in1 Line Marker
Copper Bonder

Chemtools Copper Bonder is the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to permanently install copper pipes in hot and cold drinking water system, sprinkler systems, heating systems, refrigeration and where ever copper pipes are is used.
Chemtools Copper Bonder
Graphite Powder

Chemtools high purity finely ground natural graphite powder has many uses in the locksmith and automotive industries.
Chemtools Graphite Powder
Torque ID

Chemtools Torque ID is a fast drying inspection lacquer which is applied to pre-tightened nuts, screws, unions, compression fittings and assemblies to enable inspectors and service technicians to easily see any evidence of movement or tampering.
Chemtools Torque ID